Conference Archive

2013: The Art of Disruptive Engagement

The 8th annual Designs on eLearning conference was held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September 2013 at Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A.  It was hosted by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s Center for Teaching Excellence in partnership with Penn State University and the University of the Arts London. The conference theme was titled 'The Art of Disruptive Engagement' and focused on one of the major challenges of 21st century higher education: determining the optimal uses of emerging technologies for student engagement.

Threads for the sessions included:

2012: Crowd and Cloud

As digital technologies continue to evolve and transform the pedagogic landscape, we face exciting and innovative possibilities for the future of education. New forms of mobile learning and cloud computing are shaping the learning environment, enabling students to learn in multiple physical, social and conceptual spaces.

The 2012 designs on e-learning conference will explore the impact of these shifts on our teaching practice, and question how we can maximise their potential for improving student learning. This is an opportunity to join the crowd to collectively generate ideas, tackle problems, and share best practices in e-learning. The format of the conference will be innovative, with barcamps, streamed sessions, discussions, performances and creative work.

The conference has a very exciting programme with notable keynote speakers and delegates from Europe, the USA and Asia.

2011: Future Learning Spaces

The notion of space The notion of space regains fresh momentum every time we interact with the world around us. As mobile devices weave into the fabric of everyday life, we are no longer confined to a specific location, time and place in accessing and interacting with communications technologies. Interfaces become more adaptable and fluid according to the user’s needs; capable of switching seamlessly between augmented, real and virtual information and communication techniques and practices.

2009: Designs on eLearning Online Conference

The conference took place in the week beginning 1st September and the presentations were available for two weeks from that date.

Many exciting presentations were available including Digital Games and Education, Creating an online design atelier, Developing the use of blogs as a reflective tool, The Personalisation of Learning Framework and Harnessing Technology or the Tail Wagging the Dog. The presentations were made available using Wimba accessed through a dedicated Blackboard site which also hosted the asynchronous discussions relating to each presentation.

2005: Designs on eLearning Conference


Designs on eLearning, the international conference in the use of technology for teaching and learning in art, design and communication was held at the University of the Arts London from the 14 to 16 September 2005.

The conference focused on established practice in the field, on innovations in teaching and learning with technology, on the challenges and successes presented by the visual nature of our discipline, and on the benefits of online and blended learning.